Superfly views of Murchison falls.
Hosted by Dream Balloons


  • Murchison Falls
  • Uganda
  • Passengers are awarded with a participating certificate and occasionally souvenirs
  • English

About your host Dream Balloons

The company, Balloon, pilots and crew are fully Licensed by Ugandan Civil Aviation Authority under the strict regulation of ICAW to operate Hot air balloons. We are also licensed by NEMA, and other general licensing and governing bodies.

About the experience

We will fly up to a height of 10,000 ft above sea level however for visibility we are going to fly a maximum of 1000ft (about 330m) above ground level which provides visibility of the whole park and the Murchison falls. The rest of the filght will be at tree top level to see the different animals in the park. 2- Sunrise and Sunsets are beautiful views from a higher level, this gives the opportunity for guests to witness a breathtaking moment. 3- Bush breakfast for Sunrise package offers the uniqueness of having a continental breakfast offered by professional chefs in the bush. The bush breakfast is secured with rangers provided by UWA.

Who can come

All are welcome

Dates Available

- $300.0 per person

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