Kampala On Foot

Free walking Kampala
Hosted by Immersion uganda


  • Kampala
  • Uganda
  • Free short thrilling boda boda (motorcycle taxi) ride at the end - optional
  • English and Swahili

About your host Immersion uganda

ImmersionUG is a visitor experience birthed and run by passionate young locals, which focuses on inviting guests to join us in experiencing the exciting and fun aspects of our city - Kampala. We invite you to take walks, share a meal and even go partying with the fun loving people of Kampala.

About experience

Meet a new friend from Kampala and together, take a stroll through Kampala’s lively streets, monuments and markets. Experience the city’s bustle, meet its lively people, visit the iconic landmarks, bask in the warm sun, and see what makes this East Africa’s most vibrant and hospitable capital.

What we will do

Visit attractions like the Independence Monument, Nakasero produce market, The Old taxi park, Owino flea market, Crafts Village

Who can come

Recommended for 13 and over. Special arrangements will need to be made for children below 13 years.

Dates Available

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