Culture Tour

2 Days of Karamoja & Nature
Hosted by Anyakun Paul


  • Karamoja
  • Uganda
  • A guide, Refreshments, bicycles
  • English and Swahili

About your host Anyakun Paul

Paul is a local tour operator specialized in cultural heritage sensitization and sustainability of community tourism in Karamoja region

About experience

1 Night with the Nomadic warriors Nature walk on Mountain Moroto Village Visits Camping

What we will do

Explore Karamoja on a boda-boda (a light motorbike); meet with friendly locals, shake the hands of craftsmen and women; visit historical and cultural sites; ride on colonial roads under the African sun; listen to wildlife, livestock sounds, cultural songs and try the delicious home cooked Karimojong cuisine.

Who can come


Dates Available

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